The team at United Surf Brands brings together a unique mix of industry professionals, top tier production resources, e-commerce, retail and financial partners.  The combination is supports the needs of our brand partners, giving them the resources and guidance to ensure their long term success. 

We are constantly exploring the world around us, meeting entrepreneurs  and being introduced to their brands. We welcome and encourage you to reach out to learn more about our services and the types of opportunities that get us excited. 



The team at United Surf Brands is a combination of industry veterans with a combined 60 years of experience in production, sales, marketing, technology and customer experience. Our focus is on delivering the best brand experience through an end to end solution that  combines quality product, intelligent logistics, top tier sales and marketing. We only hire the best to ensure our clients get the best. 

Production Partners 

Every brand has a story. We strive to build on that story by sourcing the best products, packaging and merchandising solutions to continue to build on a positive customer experience and brand loyalty. Every company is "Local" somewhere, we happen to be a local San Diego company. Even though we are local, we source globally and believe their are no borders when it comes to insuring quality, availability, afordability and most importantly, customer satisfaction. 


We focus on delivering sales strategies that combine Brick and Mortar with E-commerce in a way that is supportive to both and in the best interest of all parties, most importantly consumers. Our network of distributors, reps, retailers and e-commerce partners know the best solution for creating balance while delivering results.